Wild Welsh Mountain Ponies | What Is Their Future?

Herd Of Semi Wild Welsh Mountain Ponies In Pembrokeshire

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The Wild Mountain Ponies Of Wales During our long walk around the Welsh Coast and Offas Dyke, we enjoyed several encounters with wild mountain ponies. It is really exciting to observe them in their natural habitat, and the exhilaration of watching herds gallop across commons and mountains is just wonderful Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling […]

Beautiful Wild Ponies On Hergest Ridge | Offas Dyke Path


Click To Enlarge Photo This mare is part of a large herd of semi wild ponies that live up on Hergest Ridge near Kington Hergest Ridge is a large long hill which traverses the border between England and Wales between the town of Kington in Herefordshire and the village of Gladestry in Powys. Its highest […]

Part Of A Herd On The Pembrokeshire Coast Near Barafundle


Showcase | Welsh Native Breeds | The Best Ride & Drive Horse In The World Welsh ponies and cobs are amongst the best for riding and driving , add yours to our showcase page and show off your “Welshie” | the best ride and drive horse in the world Please share your Welsh Pony or […]

Stallions In The Wild & How They Kick Butt


The Role Of The Wild Stallion Contrary to popular myth, the stallion is not the leader of a herd, but defends and protects the herd from predators and other stallions. The leadership role is held by a mare, known colloquially as the “lead mare” or “boss mare.” The mare determines the movement of the herd […]