Deter Bin Raiding Foxes With Epsom Salts


Epsom Salts | A Multitude Of Uses Spread a few tablespoons of Epsom Salts around the bins to deter foxes from raiding them – they don’t like the taste It will also repel cockroaches and silverfish…:) Epsom Salts & Horse Care Epsom salts are a naturally occurring mix of magnesium and sulphate and are widely […]

Recycle & Reuse Old Riding Gear | 101 Other Uses For Horse Things

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As we deal in second hand riding gear we often get asked what the options are for re-cycling those items that are no longer fit for use but should not end up in landfill. Some suggestions are practical, some are silly and some you should not try at home! We will keep adding to our […]

Save Money & Time With Leather Care

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Ideas For Leather Care | Home Made or Traditional Ideas That Work Stubborn Stains On Saddles and Bridles Apply some toothpaste straight onto the stain, lightly scrub and then wipe off – condition as normal to prevent leather from drying out You can make a natural leather conditioner with linseed oil and vinegar Boil 1/2 […]

How To Clean Rusty Stirrups With Vinegar


Horse Care & Vinegar If your stainless steel bits or stirrup irons have rust on them, soaking them in white vinegar for a couple of days will dissolve the rust Best to rinse them thoroughly before using For brass fittings on bridles and other tack, make a paste of white vinegar and salt or baking […]