Thatching A Wet Horse

This is a traditional method of drying a wet horse in cold weather

Thatching is a method by which hay or straw is placed up under a cooler or blanket over the wet area to capture the horse’s natural heat and provide a drying environment. The ‘thatch’ of hay or straw can be left in place indefinitely; if possible, check it periodically and replace any damp thatch with dry

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Photo Of a Horse That Has Dried With The Thatching ethod

What a Nice Hay Necklace

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  1. Thanks Julie, yes we also have used this thatching method and its very effective, it seems to be quite a common practice with slightly older folks (no offence meant to us oldies)…sometimes the old ways are the best…thanks for commenting…admin

  2. I have been using the thatching method for forty years and yes, it does work !

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