Lyme’s Disease


A condition that causes lethargy and arthritis in horses, transmitted by ticks which are often carried by sheep and deer…

Close up of a Tick

Equestrian sport and activity is full of odd sounding terms and definitions which is why we decided to put together a comprehensive index of known equine terms, most are British , some are American and a few are specific to Europe

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  1. urban myth or true, any tick experts out there? help us with the vaseline ponder

  2. I was told the Vaseline can kill them (as they breath out there butt, hence suffocating them) but once dead they can effectively freeze in that position and be more tricky to them remove the head..?

  3. will give it a go then….thanks 🙂

  4. It doesn't I've used Vaseline very effectively on the dogs and horses.

  5. good stuff -vaseline – the only thing that worries me is someone suggested that this just makes the tick burrow deeper….urghhh, just the thought of that? anyone shed any light on this theory?

  6. cover them in vaseline… then they just drop off x

  7. Dog flea spray sprayed directly on the tick will make it fall off or smother with Vaseline.

  8. I have those little tick twisters to help take them out, godsend! Love them and easy to use….. now where did i put them from last year… lol

  9. Does anyone have proven methods for safely removing ticks from your horse? and how effective are the tick removers that you buy?

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