The close breeding of family members to fix or accentuate a particular trait or characteristic…

Equestrian sport and activity is full of odd sounding terms and definitions which is why we decided to put together a comprehensive index of known equine terms, most are British , some are American and a few are specific to Europe

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  1. that makes more sense now, thanks Anita….and of course exactly the same definition applies to horse what is "continuous in-line breeding"?

  2. Inbreeding and linebreeding are NOT the same. inbreeding is breeding two very closely related dogs, mother-son, father-son, brother and sister. Linebreeding is breeding two dogs that share relatives several generations back, but DO NOT share the same mother, father or grandparents. Therefore, breeding a male dog and a female dog that share a great-great-great grandfather would be considered linebreeding.

  3. inbreeding!!!

  4. calling all you experts…is inbreeding spelt in-breeding or inbreeding? and is it the same as continuous inline breeding? its not a quiz – we need to check!

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