Rescued Mini Shetlands With A Happy Ending The Sad Story Of Dee & Chabs


We Have Repeated This Terrible Tale Word For Word From The Kind Soul Who Took In The 2 Starving Pregnant Ponies

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A Tale Of Two Rescued Miniature Shetland Ponies With A Happy Ending
This Is The Story Of Dee and Chabs

Starting right at the very beginning

In March I was alerted to a horse hoarder whose horses were in a bad way. 36 on a 10 acre field and only food source was 1 round bale of haylage every 2-3 weeks (confirmed)

Another breeder/hoarder took 9 mini shetlands off him and under duress agreed to let me take 3 and my friend took 2, one of which she bred

4 days after being taken from 1 hoarder to another, 1 of the ponies died and the vets report was starvation. Upon vet checks on the others it was said that Dee had a body score of 0.5 and my vet advised pts

I asked if I could try to save her which with vets help and advice we fought tooth and nail

She started showing improvements if only slightly but any improvement was amazing

Chabs had a body score of 1.5 so wasn’t as bad but still needed intensive support

6 weeks and 3 days after coming to me, Dee gave birth to a very tiny 14.5 inches perlino colt foal who had slight dummy foal syndrome and swollen tongue, this meant he couldn’t suckle off Dee

18 hrs of syringe feeding followed and his tongue started to go down which meant he could start suckling which was a godsend as 3 days after Chabs gave birth to a palomino filly foal who herself was not given an easy birth

Due to the mares weakened state I had to help the foal into the world. Both foals are now healthy little babies and weaned and in new homes

Dee and Chabs took months of feeding 4 times a day tiny feeds they also had huge worm burden and were full of lice

Both girls are now happy in my herd along with Bonnie who was rescued with them. None of the girls will ever leave me now and have become a part of Caidnjax Miniature Shetlands

Dee went to her first show in December gaining 2x 2nd and 1 x 3rd placings with excellent comments from judges on her condition and coat condition

I love these girls immensely and will never give up until justice is served against firstly the owner that starved them and the so called rescuer who never got any of the ponies any veterinary treatment,this resulted in poor Amber dying

Special homes were found for Louis and Honey the 2 foals and are both in homes with very good friends of mine…

I am sending pics first ones of Dee 3 weeks after being with me as you will see backbone is still very visible even with such a thick shetland coat. Also pics of Chabs and of course babies plus pics of Dee and Chabs taken recently…

Photos Of Both Mares and Foals Here
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