Welsh Mountain Ponies At Cwm Silio


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Our Thanks To Sarah For Sharing These Wonderful Welsh Mountain Ponies That She Photographed At Cwm Silio Near New Quay

Cwm Silio is a peaceful, secluded cove not too far from New Quay in Ceredigion, west Wales. This lovely little cove can be found on the Welsh Coastal path and is similar to nearby Cwmtudu, but without the road so can only be accessed on foot

The beach is made up of coarse sand and shingle and backed by the deep narrow valley of the Afon Soden

Welsh mountain ponies are often spotted on or near the Welsh coast path. Their grazing is essential for keeping the coastal heathland vegetation in good order, and small herds of these Welsh mountain ponies can be found in several locations throughout Wales

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The native ponies of Wales have been around for centuries and are known to have existed in Wales before 1600BC. It is widely believed that their breeding was influenced by the Arabian horse and later by the Thoroughbred and Hackney horses

They are tough hardy creatures having evolved from a harsh environment and were regarded as excellent all round work horses and they earnt their keep in farming, timbering and mining

The Welsh Ponies and Cobs of today are renowned throughout the world and are used extensively for many purposes

Children’s riding ponies
Pleasure riding
Trail riding
Trot racing

The Welsh Pony & Cob Society | Cymdeithas Y Merlod A’R Cobiau Cymreig

Is the breed society for the Welsh native horse breeds and they define the animals into 4 main categories:

Section A: Welsh Mountain Pony

Must not exceed 12 hands
Any colour except piebald & skewbald

Section B: Welsh Pony

Must not exceed 13.2 hands
Any colour except piebald and skewbald

In general terms they both are hardy, very sure-footed and intelligent with small heads, bold eyes and small pointy ears

Section C: Welsh Pony of Cob Type

Must not exceed 13.2 Hands
Any colour except piebald and skewbald

A stronger version of the Welsh Pony but with cob blood, also sure-footed and hardy and are very versatile, great for riding and driving

Section D: Welsh Cob

Must be over 13.2 hands – no height limit
Any colour except piebald and skewbald

Widely regarded by some as “the best ride and drive horse in the world”, a reputation that they fully deserve as they are strong and brave with endless stamina

All of the Welsh horse breeds share similar qualities, characteristics and features, in very general terms they are: –

Trustworthy with good temperament
Strong with high levels of stamina
Intelligent and quick to learn


Small heads, large bold eyes and neat ears
Sloped shoulders with short backs and strong hindquarters
Fast and free movement with a high set tail

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