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Buying a Second Hand Horse Trailer

If you looking to invest in horse transport to get out and about, but only have a small budget, a second hand horse trailer may seem like the only option

Obviously you also need to take into consideration the cost of running a suitable towing vehicle, particularly if this is going to be your main car for day-to-day driving

Before you start looking at used horse trailers for sale, check the towing capacity of your vehicle and that your driving licence covers you for towing. Only individuals who passed their driving test before 1 January 1997 are allowed to tow without taking an addition test. The costs of instruction and the test fee can amount to hundreds

When buying a second hand trailer, you need to give it a thorough inspection to ensure it is safe to use, especially if the trailer has been left for a long period of time

Additionally,you should do everything you can to ensure that you are not buying a stolen trailer. If you do you may end up with no trailer and no money to purchase a replacement

How To Avoid Stolen Horse Trailers

Horse trailers don’t need registration documents like cars and other vehicles but they are security marked with unique serial numbers to stop theft

Either ensure the serial number is the same as the number stamped on the chassis, or with Ifor Williams trailers call the company on 01490 412626 with the chassis code to confirm identity. You can also report the theft of a trailer so that Ifor Williams can add that information to their database

For other horse trailer makes, it’s well worth contacting the TER (The National Plant & Equipment Register) with which all Ifor Williams horse trailers are also registered

Of 9,900 horse trailers currently on TER’s stolen equipment database, 2,725 are stock and horse trailers – for a fee of £25 potential purchases can be checked against these records – call 01225 464599.

Make sure that the seller has proof of ownership and that the manufacturer’s plate has not been tampered with

Insist on viewing and buying the trailer from a company or home address rather than a carpark, lay-by or service station

Mechanical Checks Needed On a Used Horse Trailer

Check the floor and ramp for any areas that are rotting

Make sure that the ramp hinges and balance springs are working OK and that the ramp is manageable by one person

Check that the socket connecting the car and trailer’s lights has not been corroded and is working properly

Check the pressure of the tyres, that they are not damaged and that there is a spare wheel

Make sure the hinges, balance springs and tow hitch have been fully greased

Be suspicious of a recently re-sprayed trailer. It could be a distraction from a more significant problem

Hitch up and take it for a test drive to check that it tows evenly

Used Horse Trailers For Sale

A Clean well Maintained Used Horse Trailer For Sale

Sell A Used Horse Trailer With Great Photos,Keep It Well Maintained and Clean

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