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We admit that this is not really about a horse or pony but thought it was worth sharing

Meet Hettie Moo | The Cow That Thinks She Is A Pony

The three year old Galloway cow joined Chariot’s of Fire in southern Scotland when she was just five months old. She is now a fully fledged member of the pony driving display team, which travels all around the UK raising money for charity

Hettie was born on a farm at Cairngorms Reindeer Centre in the Scottish highlands, and raised by hand after her mother died during birth. She was then offered to Amanda, who already had two driving cows, although they are now retired

Hettie Moo The Cow Who Thinks Like A Pony

“She’s been reared with the ponies and lives in the same stables as them so there’s no reason for her to think she’s a cow,” Amanda Saville, founder of the display team, told news reporters at a recent event

Now taking parts in galas and agricultural shows, Hettie has become a hit with fans all around Scotland
“As Hettie was so tame she couldn’t going back into the herd as she would have been bullied – and they didn’t want to eat her,” Amanda said. “So we were thrilled when we were asked if we would like her, as we needed another cow.”

Chariot’s of Fire started 18 years ago and Amanda has always used cows in her shows, to “keep the crowd entertained”. While they can perform alongside the ponies, Amanda says they are very different to drive

“Cows are terribly on forehand so they’re really difficult to steer,” she said. “You can turn their head but the body doesn’t always follow so you can be going along the road and end up in hedge! It’s hilarious!”

However, the more you work them the better they get and, according to Amanda, Hettie is one of the best cows she’s ever had, even though she is very “sassy”

“As soon as she sees the jump she knows what she is doing; her ears go forward and she locks on,” Amanda said. “She has to be really accurate as the fence is only about 2ft wide – a lot of ponies wouldn’t jump that, so she’s really quite special.”

The money made by the team goes towards Sports Driving Unlimited, a charity also set up by Amanda, which aims to enable disadvantaged and disabled people to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of driving ponies – and cows. It was named Charity of the Year 2012 in the Dumfries and Galloway Life People of the Year Awards

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