A Sad & Strange Horse Tale | Why We Need Animal Welfare Groups


Horses Craned Onto Truck

Horses are hoisted in the air by a crane as they are transferred from a cargo ship onto a truck upon arrival at a port in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, on Friday Feb 8th 2013

Hundreds of horses and cows arrived at the port Friday from West Timor to be distributed to various cities on the main island of Java

Horses being airlifted with a crane onto a truck

Hundreds Of These Poor Horses Were Airlifted In This Callous Manner Without The Use Of Proper Harnesses Or Slings

This is just one month after Indonesia hit the international headlines for it’s treatment of cattle that were being imported from Australia

They too were moved using a crane and without sedation or even the use of appropriate harnesses and slings

How You Can Help Horses In Need

World Horse Welfare

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