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These are just a few that have been submitted to our Welsh Horse Breeds Showcase

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Welsh Horse Breeds & Some Interesting Facts

Henry VII issued an edict which stated that all horse and pony breeds under 15 hands high be eliminated. Fortunately the Welsh Pony and Welsh Cob somehow managed to escape this terrible fate

A life-sized statue of a Welsh cob stallion was erected in the town of Aberaeron in 2005 donated to the town by the Aberaeron Festival of Welsh Ponies and Cobs to denote the area as Welsh Cob country

A small wild population of about 180 Welsh Mountain Ponies roam the Carneddau mountains in Snowdonia

When Showing The Welsh Horse Breeds

Section A

Welsh Mountain Ponies should be shown in as natural a state as possible. However, very thick, long manes may be discreetly thinned, one long thin plait is usually put at the top of the mane behind the ear, helping to show off the line of the throat

The long hairs under the jaw and those protruding from the ear may be trimmed off – leaving as natural a line as possible, the whiskers around the muzzle may be shortened, although some prefer not to

The tail should look natural. A tail bandage will help if the hairs at the top of the tail are very bushy

Section B

It is recommended that Welsh Ponies are shown unplaited and too much trimming and pulling of manes and tails detracts from their native pony character and appearance

Sections C and D

Welsh Cobs and Ponies of Cob Type, like the Welsh Mountain Pony, should be shown in as natural a state as possible

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