Section B Mare Called Hilin Lorna | Welsh Ponies With The ‘Wow’ Factor


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The Section B Welsh Pony

The Welsh Pony of Riding Type (Section B) is the second division within the Welsh pony registry. The Section B Welsh Pony is a larger, riding-type pony. It combines the hardiness and substance of the Section A with elegant movement and athletic ability

Section B ponies are taller than Section A with a maximum height of 13.2 hands in the UK and 14.2 hands in the U.S. They are known for elegant movement and athletic ability while still retaining the substance and hardiness of the foundation stock, the Section A Welsh pony They have no lower height limit

Section B ponies also generally have a slightly lighter build, as a result of Thoroughbred and Hackney blood. Section B ponies resemble the Section A pony, but are of a more refined “riding type”

However, they should not be light of bone; they should resemble their Mountain Pony ancestors for quality of bone. In addition to the desirable characteristics of the Type A pony, Type B ponies have a free-flowing movement. They should have a muscular neck, arching from withers to poll, and have a deep, wide chest. Section B ponies are commonly used as children’s ponies (adapted from Wikipedia)

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