Fast Tolt….Really Moving Along | Icelandic Showcase


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The Icelandic displays two gaits, the tolt and the pace, in addition to the typical walk, trot,canter and gallop commonly displayed by other breeds

This horse is displaying the Fast Tolt

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  1. Photo taken by Mic Rushen

  2. he looks outstanding Mandy….Cannot believe that you are just up the road from us at Blaenwaun, we are based in Llanglydwen…given how few Icelandics are in the Uk, just realising that in West Wales there are lots…
    thanks for commenting and for your photo 🙂

  3. how exciting ! The horse you see in the main article is Dropi and he is our stallion being ridden by myself (pulling my best -NOT- tolt face). He is a really beautiful horse, both inside and out and we have many lovely offspring from him.

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