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Week 11

The Coastal Path in Carmarthenshire | Where Are The Bridleways?

The landscape here has been completely transformed to include woodlands, marinas, cycle paths and walks but where are the bridleways? So many opportunities for safe off road riding that are not being made available in a county that has a particularly high percentage of horse owners and riders, if you agree that the situation needs to change and that horse riding on the All Wales path,including the Carmarthenshire Coastal path, needs to be permitted then please sign and share our petition

Oddly, on the stretch between Laugharne and Mwche there is a bridle gate which I was happy to see until I got to the other end and found a stile, so I assume you can ride so far then you have to turn around and go back the same way. It must be also very annoying for walkers with large or infirm dogs, how do you get them over a stile? Jaycee learnt in the first week how to jump over any size stile but she is a young and fit animal

There are also parts of the path in this area that force you onto the road, presumably due to unco-operative landowners. These are not always quiet country lanes, the coastal path approaching St Clears from Laugharne forces you to walk on the very busy and fast A4066 and there is no footpath or verge in places

All Wales Coastal Path Taken In Carmarthenshire

Another Great View On the Carmarthenshire Coastal Path

The logistics of getting to and from the van proved to be quite a challenge some days due to an infrequent bus service, fortunately I have some great friends who helped me out with lifts and I knew that once we got to Amroth and started the renowned Pembrokeshire path then the coastal bus services would be more than adequate

Despite the weather at the start of the week, wet and windy which made the walking on some days incredibly difficult, this stretch of the all Wales path offers really enjoyable walking, the terrain as always varies from fields, new pathways, road, farm tracks and woodlands and takes in the little towns of Llansteffan, Laugharne and Pendine. Some parts of the path are flat with very easy walking while other stretches particularly from Pendine to Tenby are quite challenging with lots of hilly bits but at least the weather had improved with some dry and sunny days

Ponies on the Welsh Coastal Path at Marros Pembrokeshire

What Perfect Riding

If I could wave a magic wand and instantly create just one new bridleway anywhere on the all Wales path it would be in the area of Marros Mountain overlooking Marros sands, the entire time that I spent walking on this part I kept imagining how great it would be to ride a horse along it. There are some horse riding opportunities here but most involve short non-circular sections with some road use, this area features in a survey conducted in 2005, which you can see here

Its interesting walking towards Tenby as you pass through Amroth, with its endless signs telling you not to park overnight and a really unwelcoming sign fixed on a farm gate confirming your dog will be shot if it disturbs the livestock, then onto to Wisemans Bridge and the fascinating tunnels that take you to Saundersfoot

By the Sunday of this week we had walked as far as Manorbier where I parked up for a couple of days on the unofficial car park just north of the beach, we needed a rest day due to Jaycee’s limp, this had started the day that I mis read the tide timetable at Sandy Haven which meant an additional 4 miles of road walking, I think the hard road surface was just too much, she didn’t limp on softer ground just the pavements and roads which we then tried to avoid as much as possible

The week ended on a great note as friends from home joined us to walk from St Govans to Manorbier, the weather was perfect and the scenery stunning with lots to look at including some Exmoor ponies close to the path near Manorbier, although the clouds of flying ants in the same area were not as appealing

Emoor Ponies Near The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Lovely Pair Of Exmoor Ponies Near Manorbier

The purpose of this walk around Wales is to see how challenging it would be to follow the same route on horseback, if you are interested in any aspect of this proposed long distance horse ride please get in touch here

Week 13

Why The Big Welsh Walk Started

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