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Week 9

Still Walking & Wandering On The Welsh Coastal Path

Last week found us back on the Welsh Coastal path at Chepstow, having completed the Offas Dyke stretch from Prestatyn. I was really happy to be back on the Welsh path and even had a rare photograph taken with the coastal path logo cemented into the ground on the Severn Estuary stretch. I am not photogenic so try to avoid having my photo taken but it worth was capturing the moment especially as the photographs taken at the start of the walk at Cardigan had been lost when my camera phone broke

Lovely Easy Flat Walking On The Severn Estuary Stretch | All Wales Walk

The Stick Was Just A Photo Prop | Bigger Priority Was Holding Onto Jaycee Near The Cliff Edge

By the 14th August (day 70 of the walk) we were in the Sully area of South Wales having walked and wandered through the cities of Newport and Cardiff. Again, the path is incredibly diverse; some of it goes through the town centres, onto industrial estates, along embankments and several nature reserves including the Newport wetlands

And once again, there was a fair amount of needless wandering, some sections really need better way marking and some signs have been removed or vandalised. There is one particular stretch in the Gileston area that has conflicting and therefore confusing way- markers which cost us about forty minutes of walking in the wrong direction. When it’s dry and sunny getting lost is not too much of an issue but when it’s wet and windy it is a bloody nuisance

There was plenty to see with large amounts of tethered gypsy horses, long horn cattle, swans, herons and Canadian geese and as the weather was improving it made the walking really enjoyable. The weather continued to be erratic though and in that same week we had warm sunny days followed by heavy rain and strong winds

Pre-Ride Walk Around Wales | Longhorn Cattle Share The Path

Handsome But Quite Scary Walking Through A Herd Of Them

We had reached the Glamorgan Heritage Coastal Path which is far more dramatic than I had anticipated, very steep in places and I have a vivid memory of the path at Cwm Mawr, it was raining so hard the only way I could get up the slope was on my hands and knees, it was really frightening and there was a point that I struggled to move at all, unable to go back down and unable to get enough grip to continue climbing. There were also very strong winds and at one point having scrambled to the top I was walking against the winds on very exposed cliff tops. By the time I reached a bus stop I was absolutely exhausted, soaked through and very cold, as was Jaycee

Most of the bus stops in South Wales have the timetables available, not the most gripping of subjects and one that I had never given any thought to in my previous non walking around Wales life but this makes so much difference when you happen along a bus stop in an area that you are unfamiliar with, particularly in the rural areas when the buses are infrequent. There are thousands of bus stops throughout Wales that do not have the local bus services displayed and you have no idea when the next one may come along

Stormy Weather On The Glamorgan Heritage Coastal Path | Pre-Ride Around Wales

This Was Taken At Mid Afternoon
Wild Wet & Stormy

We continued walking through the areas of Porthcawl, Kenfig Reserve and Port Talbot , to name a few, and by the end of this tenth week we arrived at the Gower. Up until this point finding overnight parking had been relatively easy, some days easier than others but this was to change big time while we were on the Gower and Swansea Bay. For the very first time on the whole walk I was refused permission to park overnight, it was so disappointing and even when I explained that we were walking for a charity, Air Ambulance Wales, it made no difference

It happened time and time again and really soured my impression of the Gower. We asked and were refused permission at Penrich Estate, the hotel and the gift shop at Oxwich, moved on from Port Eynon and Horton, the jobsworth at the National Trust car park at Southgate refused me free parking for 3 hours to finish a section of the path off in that area and the campsite at Nicholaston Farm were completely disinterested in their original offer of a discounted pitch for the night, and the young male on reception on that particular day may well benefit from some customer care training as his attitude was unfriendly and unhelpful

The View From Sully Sports Club | On Our Wander Around Wales

A Friendly Reception at Sully Sports Club Which Allowed Us Two Nights Secure Overnight Parking

Maybe, I was just unlucky in the few people that I was encountering but I would not rush back to the Gower despite it being a truly beautiful area with some fantastic horse riding opportunities, I saw more people riding on the beaches and lanes here than anywhere else to date, although that may have been that the weather was better and it was still the school holidays

As stated throughout the weekly account of our walk around Wales, the purpose is to see how difficult it would be to ride a horse along the same route,we are now also highlighting how little access to the All Wales Coastal path has been granted to horse riders, if you agree please do sign our petition

Although it may prove to be a bigger challenge than first anticipated, the horse ride around Wales will take place, when and how is not yet decided but if you would like to be involved in any way, please do get in touch

Not Every Farmer Is Happy About The New Welsh Coastal Path

It Took Several Minutes To Untie These Knots

We came across these farm gates just outside Newport , seems as if not all land owners are happy about the new all Wales path, it was quite difficult to get through and I was unable to climb over as the gate was not secured at one end but this was quite unusual and in the whole 1047 miles I can only recall three incidents where access had been deliberately restricted

Week 11

Jaycee has worn a Puppia harness for over two years as she has a tendency to pull and I was worried about her damaging her throat, we do not sell them but because it is such a great product we are happy to advertise them here, it has been washed countless times and damaged by attacking chows who tried to pull her through a mesh fence but it is still going strong

They come in lots of colours and several sizes

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