Let Us Horse Ride On The Welsh Coastal Path Petition


Part Of The Welsh Coastal Path That Would be Suitable For Horse Riding

If You Consider This a Safe & Suitable Place To Ride a Horse Then Please Sign & Share The Petition

This photograph was taken on the Welsh Coastal path in Carmarthenshire, contrary to popular belief the path does not always follow the coastline, there are literally miles and miles of the path like this throughout Wales, which are suitable and safe for horse riders

Please Sign And Share If You Believe That More Off Road Riding Is Needed

Let Us Horse Ride On The Welsh Coastal Path

Let Us Horse Ride On The Welsh Coastal Path


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Horses In Road Traffic Accidents

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  1. have to agree with you Chrissy…the roads are getting so dangerous now, and having walked the whole Welsh coastal path I can confirm that there is a LOT of dog mess on it that folks do not clear up, like you I would rather walk in horse droppings any time, thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Horses should have the same right as cyclists and walkers to have the opportunity to have safe places to go, horses are already having abuse for being on the road when if it wasnt for horses cars wouldnt be here, if the route was made accessable ie safe it would encorage riders off busy roads. the fact that horses mess while out is not really anything to complain about as all horses mess is natural and basically grass/hay and vegetable/ grain, where as dog mess is meat and full of parasites that can be harmful to people and other animals, it also doesnt break down like horse manure. the point of walkers having to put up with it is the same as why should horses and riders put up with dogs running loose round horses unfortunately just one of those things as horse cant hold it like we do lol, where as a dog owner should by law have full control of there dog, if i was given the choice of a bridle way/ coastal route that was safe i would pick that any day of the week over a road

  3. The pathways were desighned for everybody that includes horses so let us ride

  4. Hi Helena
    Thanks for your comment, its always good to hear from both sides of the argument 🙂

    There are a few points that we would like to make:-
    1) As it is unlikely that you would know many of the individuals that have signed , how can you claim that they have never been on the path?

    2) The path is too dangerous in places to ride, we are not suggesting that people do, we are asking for consideration to be given to the needs of horse riders. Not to the detriment of walkers or cyclists as their entitlement is just as important, the Welsh Assembly originally claimed that the path would be accessible to as many folks as possible INCLUDING horse riders, this has not happened, horse riders have been left out of the loop

    3) The coastal path suffers from damage and litter caused by walkers, in places it is difficult to walk without stepping in piles of dog mess left by selfish dog walkers and yes, there will be horse droppings , I would rather step in horse poo than dog mess anyday 🙂

    4) Multi use paths are in place around the Uk, we have some in Pembrokeshire..paths that are wide enough to be shared with walkers, riders and cyclists..The key word is shared, no one group should claim greater rights

    5) We recently walked every inch of the Welsh Coastal path so probably know it better than most, we documented and photographed miles and miles of suitable and safe riding which is not currently being allowed, as a horse rider yourself surely you would prefer this to road riding? Not just for our generation but for the future riders, the traffic is set to increase and the roads will become more dangerous

    6) On a final note, while walking around Wales we instigated lots of chats with other walkers about their concerns over sharing with horse riders, the majority said that they would prefer to have a horse coming up behind them than a cyclist as its easier to spot and hear a horse…

  5. LOL obviously half of you haven’t even been on the coastal path! WAYYY too dangerous for horses!!! Plus… Horse riders NEVER clean up their sh*t after them and why should walkers have to put up with that!? Also who do u suggest tries to move out the way when we meet????
    Im a rider myself and i live less than a mile from the coastal path but wouldnt even dream of riding a horse!

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