Would You Ride Your Horse Through A Field Of Cattle?


Just imagine that you are out enjoying a lovely hack out on your horse when you find yourself faced with a field full of cattle…what would you do?

Find an alternative route?
Get off and lead your horse through them?
Or stay on and ride through or around the cattle?

Curious Cattle | Do They Pose a Threat To Horse Riders?

What Are You Doing In Our Field ?

Let us know your thoughts on this and if you have any experience of riding through cattle please let us know by using the comments box below

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  1. Hi Claire
    Thats great to hear…and it conjures up such a great image, thanks for commenting…just need to find lots of cattle to practice riding through…

  2. Hia, i live on a farm, we have around 200 cattle and 1300 sheep. My husband uses my mare to check on the cows in the field, either if they are heifers with calfs, with the bull, or just beef cattle. They always seem more relaxed and laid back when ur on the horse rather than the quad bike. He also uses the horse to gather the cows in. So my answer to the question is definately Yes!!!

  3. Thanks for that Cate, think you are absolutely right, getting your horse used to cattle is probably the key, we are asking the question in readiness for our big ride around Wales and know that cattle will be an issue 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I used to ride through fields of cattle with my horse regularly, and she was absolutely fine with them. However i think they question totally depends on: A) The cattle and B) the horse.
    If your horse is scared stiff of cattle it really isn’t the best idea to try and get them to go straight through, I would always desensitise them gently first.
    If the cattle seem frightened or even angry, i.e.: bulls and mothers may kick if they have calves, then you need to think about your horses and your own safety.
    It is also important to add that if the cows are fenced off, behind a gate you should ensure that you have landowner’s permission to be riding through.
    As I say, my horse was happy with cows, the cows were used to us coming and going as was the the land owner 🙂

  5. There is no way my horse would be safe around cows, she hates them…think i would have to find another place to ride..:(

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