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The Horse & Rider Locata is an Emergency Contact Pack to help the rider to be re-united with their horse in the event of any separation

Designed and manufactured by a qualified English Saddler

Horse Locata

Imagine, you happen to take a tumble off your horse , you are ok but your horse is last seen galloping off into the distance on a mission, can you imagine the feeling of helplessness and dread?

Maybe it has already happened to you or someone you know?

Watch this video link To see how far a riderless horse will travel when in flight mode

With the Locata on your saddle you stand a very good chance of locating your horse a lot quicker than without one

Without any ID on your horse anyone who finds your horse, which could be some distance from you and manages to catch him/her is then maybe at a loss as to what to do next, they will probably phone the police to get help, this takes time, suppose the horse is injured and needs a vet, the police will have to organise that once they arrive on the scene and assess the situation, more time lost

The Downside Of Riding | Falling Off

A Riderless Horse In Flight Mode Will Gallop For Miles

Then they have to trace the owner or rider, again more delays, meanwhile the horse could need urgent medical attention

If the rider cannot be traced there’s no way of knowing where the horse comes from and where to start looking for the rider

If the horse is uninjured and the rider is found but is hurt and not able to communicate, who is going to sort the horse out, where does it come from?

If you could just phone the owner and/or rider to see where the horse comes from to get it safely home again straight away without any long delays or should the horse be injured be able to call the horse’s OWN vet who knows the horse’s medical history and temperament, just think how much easier it would be for all concerned

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For a few pounds you can have peace of mind as inside each tag which attaches to the rear of the saddle or to the front, are 2 resealable plastic pouches, inside each one is a form that the owner or rider fills it in with the following details:

1) Rider’s name & phone number

2) Owner’s name & phone number (if different from number 1)

3) The Horse’s own Vet’s name & phone number

4) 3 emergency contacts names & phone numbers, friends who can transport the horse back to the stables where it comes from if the rider is injured and unable to do so

5) The contact name & phone number of the stables where the horse is kept

It also tells you of any medical problems the rider and/or the horse may have as well as any medications each may be on, vital information, which due to injury, the rider may be unable to give to the paramedics or the vet at the time it is needed

Horse Caught & Being Examined For Injury

In Safe Hands & Being Checked Over

It includes the local police telephone number/s and gives guidance to the person as to what to do if they find the horse

The Manufacturers have covered every eventuality they can think of so the horse and rider will be cared for in any situation. This tag can hold far more information than just a metal dog tag attached to the saddle

Included in the kit is a spare form and a spare plastic pouch should you need it

We recommend that before you use the spare form you photo copy it so you have spares available if you need to change the details and it is vitally important that you get permission from the people named on the form (emergency contacts and the vet) to include their details on your forms and make them aware that they maybe called upon at short notice

The Horse Locata makes a great gift for all equine enthusiasts, young or old, novice or expert

Also Included In The Twin Pack is the Rider Locata

Rider Locata

It contains vital medical information that the emergency services may require before deciding what medical treatment you need

The Downside Of Horse Riding

The Ground Is Always The Hardest Part Of Horse Riding

It’s designed to fit round your upper arm or round the top of your long riding boots, it can be made to fit children’s arms up to an average adult
(8″ – 19″)
Included are emergency contacts, next of kin, allergies, blood type, medical problems, medications being taken, as well as a special instructions section, this can be caring for someone or a pet at home if you as their carer may be unable to do due to injury or illness

Also included are basic life saving first aid instructions (CPR) to advise people who may find a casualty and have no first aid training

The Rider Locata carries everything we can think of that you may need in an emergency!

You can purchase this twin pack of locatas here

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