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If you are interested in any aspect of the Welsh Ride we would love to hear from you particularly so if you are a fairy godmother with deep pockets, a horse lorry to lend us and know most of the land owners in Wales 🙂

Comments or questions regarding the Ride Around Wales are welcome

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  1. Hi
    Great to hear from you and thank you for your lovely message, we have finished the walk now and are back in west Wales but when we ride it maybe we call by 🙂 hope your leg heals soon, all the very best..:)
    Jackie at Secondhand Horse Stuff

  2. I live in Penrhyn bay LL30 3LF..I have land with space, my own horses on with haylage 24/7 and 2 rooms spare with double beds if you need a rest and any support? I am laid up with a healing broken leg so home 24/7..i teach and train using natural horsemanship..I really appreciate hearing how it is possible to ride nd walk the coast as I would love to do that one day!-) of luck nd tc! -)

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