Week Three | The Pre-Ride Walk On The All Wales Coast Path | Gwynydd


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Our Third Week Walking The All Wales Path

The start of week three began in the Talsarnau area of Gwynydd and involved walking on new stretches of the path going through farmland, missing one small way-marker at one particular farm cost us several hours of being lost and we had to negotiate electric fences, flocks of hissing geese and very aggressive looking farm dogs which gave us a sense that some of the local farms felt walkers were not particularly welcome…the signage in this area needs to be improved if the locals want and need the walkers to stay on the path

Wonder what the reaction would be if we turned up on horseback?

An absolute highlight of this week was the hospitality shown to us by the lovely family at Gwrach Ynys Guest House just outside Harlech, a friend was walking with us for a day or two and he was booked in there, after hearing about our walk they very kindly offered me an overnight parking spot on their beautiful lawn, fresh water, a shower and a breakfast…and when we left the morning they even gave us some sponsorship money for the walk…. such generosity from lovely people

Another highlight was meeting Emma and her friend, not forgetting their two ponies, who having seen the van parked up on Penrhyndeudraeth came over to say hi, it’s always the smallest gestures that stick with you and that friendly chat made the day…

Friendly Locals at Penrhyndeudraeth

Emma & Friends Saying Hi At Penrhyndeudraeth

Emma mentioned that a local bridleway had been blocked by the land owner, not an uncommon scenario but if you lose the access to ride its probably gone for ever so take action to prevent this from happening, most areas have Bridleway Officers who will advise and help you to keep these precious bridle paths open

Our petition highlights how little horseback access there is on the all Wales path, if you would like some more bridleway on the path please sign and share as widely as possible

The path in this area goes through Portmerion which in part is also a bridleway, it is truly stunning scenery to walk or ride through. It is fascinating how the All Wales path varies in terrain from pavement to railway line, through overgrown muddy fields to gravelled cycle paths, some of it perfectly suitable to ride a horse on and yet the authorities seem reluctant to grant this freedom to horse riders despite spending millions on a new cycle path running from Pwllheli to Caernarfon. To make matters worse, in the time spent walking on this cycle path the only cyclists I saw were riding on the road, despite it being a fast and busy trunk road (A497)…why is that? Most horse riders would jump at the chance at being given that safer option

One aspect of the walk that I may have underestimated was the danger from cattle, having been bought up on a dairy farm I was used to cows and didn’t feel intimated by them but of course their curiosity was stirred by Jaycee’s presence, milking cows tended to ignore us but young cattle proved to be a challenge time and time again, the official advice is let your dog off the lead, which I did and she is incredibly brave around them, barking to keep them away but I always feared for her safety, one kick could have killed her and she had no problem running right into the middle of a large herd if they got too close

Curious Cattle - We Met Many On The Path

What Are You Doing In Our Field Walker?

These cattle will probably pose the same threat to horse riders as they are by nature very curious, by the same token I met walkers and cyclists who had been chased by cattle and they expressed surprise that cows and bulls can be put into fields where there is a public right of way…but I can see it from the farmers point of view, livestock needs to go somewhere…

We were now walking around the Llyn Peninsula, such beautiful beaches and coastline to walk along although by the time we reached Aberdaron the weather was awful, heavy rain with sea mists made the path dangerous and it was miserable at times. Once the weather improved it was easy to appreciate the stunning coastline here and we had to date some of the most enjoyable walking on the whole path

The coastal path is 870 miles long and yet you can count on one hand the amount of dog friendly stiles that are installed, there is one on the way to Port Colmon, it just has a hatch that can be lifted up for the dog to walk through, so simple but so effective although you still wouldn’t get through on horseback

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A Dog Friendly Stile On The All Wales Path

Dog Friendly Hatch – Simple & Effective

If you are interested in getting involved with the plan to ride a horse all around Wales please get in touch

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  1. Thanks karen, will certainly send it to Jeanne, thanks for your feedback, most welcome:0

  2. Jackie, Im really enjoying reading your summary of the walk. Please send it to Jeanne Hyett the Regional Access officer for BHS(Wales) jh.wdlandsfm@btinternet.com
    Iv tried to copy and paste it into a word doc but its messy. Jeanne was with me when the Ministers rep said he would be interested in your report. She too is lobbying for increased access in Wales.
    Looking forward to the next instalment. Note week 2 was hard to find. No link from week one that I could find.
    Best Wishes


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