Add Your Own Horse Care Tips For Saving Time & Money


Add Your Own Favourite Hints & Tips To Save Money & Time With Horse Care

Horses are often a labour of love and expensive to keep and maintain, anything that helps to reduce the burden on the pocket and save some time can only be a good thing, here are a few suggestions from us that may save you money with horse care

*Buy 2nd hand (we would say that!)
*Club together and buy in bulk to generate discounts and savings on delivery
*Swap items with fellow horse owners
*Buy quality items , they really will last longer
*Make your own fly spray , show shine and shampoo
*Make your own herbal remedies
*Take care of your things, especially leather items and horse rugs
*Don’t be swayed by clever marketing and fashion dictates, lots of bling on the market but do you REALLY need it?
*Vehicle share wherever possible
*Really shop around for insurance,and don’t get caught by the automatic renewal on your policy that some companies now use
*Make block bookings with the farrier, dentist etc as this should work out cheaper per horse

Do You Have Any Home Made Recipes, Alternative Ideas, Recycling Of Riding Items, Ways To Beat The Cold Or Anything Else That Could Help To Save Some Time & Money With Horse Care?

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  1. Keep basic household items in the tack room for minor injuries , sprains etc

    Epsom salts
    Old Sheets/linen for cloths
    essential oils for fly sprays
    clean spray bottles
    empty jars for mixing (clean :))
    old toothbrushes

    Unless quickly perishable , buy everything in large quantities maybe splitting contents with someone else, will save money and time

  2. Do You Have Any Home Made Recipes, Alternative Ideas, Recycling Riding Items, Ways To Beat The Cold? Herbal Recipes?
    can we keep this going? had some great ideas posted previously so feel free to add yours…

  3. Ill be keepin these good ideas in mind x

  4. Copied and pasted from a comment by Lowri.

    "we also use nappies as a poultice, (with luke warm bran inside it to draw out an abcess) we use duck tape to hold it in place and provide a waterproof barrier, (just need sharp scissors to remove it) we also use dried stingy nettles as a natural blood cleanser (cut them down, allow to dry then feed as you would feed hay)".

  5. We use milton /tesco's own sterilizing fluid diluted down with water and spray on the ponies frogs to help kill any germs in the hoof area especially in this wet weather.

  6. Use diluted dettol as flyspray instead expensive flysprays. It really does work amazingly well and saves a fortune.

  7. dont throw away old fly rugs turn them in to stable rugs with the help of strong cotton old quilt old quilt cover and a lot of sewing it does work and it safes money lol xx

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