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Equimins Country Living Cider Apple Vinegar is a wholesome, unpasteurised, natural tonic to help maintain inner balance and promote good overall health in horses and ponies

Highest quality with the ‘Mother’ – The ‘Mother’ is a gel-like substance which grows naturally on the surface of the cider vinegar

It contains powerful enzymes and important minerals, as well as natural malic acid which is so important in fighting toxins

Cider Vinegar With The Benefits& Value Of Apples

Some of Natures Best
Apples In Cider Vinegar

Directions for use: Add to the drinking water at a rate of 10ml per litre of water…

And its not just for the horses

Did you know that other animals love apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar benefits our pets, from cats and dogs to pigeons and parrots to cows and horses. It can be used as a daily health tonic, to deter insects such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks,and to relieve skin conditions, another of Mother Nature’s great gifts

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  1. We have no problem sharing this link from Pet Supermarket as we use them ourselves, no delivery charges and prices are a lot cheaper than the high street, you can get everything from dog wormers to guinea pig food and they stock a lot of horse and pony products

  2. The Cider Vinegar is also available in one litre bottle for 4.26p with free delivery

  3. just priced the dog wormers (bit off topic – sorry!) we normally pay 7.49p at the local farmers co-op, bought some here for 5.03p and no postage, drontal 10kg 2 pack, its worth checking their prices out

  4. left the price off – senior moment :0 12.46p for a 5 litre – no delivery to pay

    Wholesome, unpasteurised natural tonic.
    Promotes good overall health.
    Powerful enzymes & important minerals.
    Natural malic acid.

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