Deter Bin Raiding Foxes With Epsom Salts


Epsom Salts | A Multitude Of Uses

Spread a few tablespoons of Epsom Salts around the bins to deter foxes from raiding them – they don’t like the taste

It will also repel cockroaches and silverfish…:)

Epsom Salts & Horse Care

Epsom salts are a naturally occurring mix of magnesium and sulphate and are widely known for their laxative properties, this is why opinion varies on whether or not feeding it as a supplement to a horse is beneficial

Some vets consider it a more economical alternative to magnesium based supplements used for their calming affect on nervous and excitable horses. Magnesium in the diet is essential for a healthy nervous system and horses that do not get enough can display signs of excitability and wariness

There is also evidence that magnesium plays a part in reducing equine obesity and can reduce the risk of laminitis

Seek professional veterinary advice if in any doubt and stay aware of how much is an acceptable amount – anything more than a level tablespoon per day per 100kg of the horses bodyweight is likely to cause diarrhoea

Other Uses For Epsom Salts In Horse Care

It is safe to use as a poultice to treat a horse hoof abscess, mix with iodine to form a paste and apply as a dressing to the affected area

It also soothes strains and sore muscles – this works for us too – a hot Epsom salt bath will really help tired aching muscles

Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts into a cup of water and soak a cotton cloth in it to help sooth insect bites, stings and mild sunburn but do not use on open wounds

Off topic but did you know that you can also use Epsom salts as plant feed? Add 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water and feed monthly

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  1. who else uses epsom salts for horse care?

  2. Hoof abscesses are a pain, literally. Epson salt is a great way of treating them effectively.

    Hoof abscesses can be scary. The horse is often hopping lame. The hoof will usually be hot and there may be a strong digital pulse present at the fetlock. The abscess (pus in foot) will need to come out somehow to alleviate the horses pain and discomfort.

    I have found epsom salt to be an effective and efficient way of treating hoof abscesses. Recently my 3 year old gelding had a hoof abscess to my horror as it was the begining of the week and we had a show at the weekend. After a few days of treating with epsom salt, he was sound again, the abscess was gone and we were able to go to the show.

  3. who uses epsom salts for horse care?

  4. .

  5. I use epsom salts when cleaning wounds

  6. think you mean increase the amount of magnesium in their body to help with aniety etc, its the lack of magnesium that causes problems

  7. Apparently a good 1tbs of epsom salts twice a day in a feed decreases the amount of magnesium in their brain, therefor making them less 'fizzy' or on edge 🙂 xx

  8. sorry that should read "his"

  9. how much do you put in hos feed?

  10. I will probs use salt in his feeds wen eventin to replace lost salts though sweat!!

  11. Only use it if I need to clean his frog(wen lame) 🙂

  12. who uses epsom salts for their horse?

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