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Strange Horse Law

There was a recent outcry in the Uk when householders complained that local horse riders were leaving excessive amounts of horse droppings close to a new housing estate, they sought legal advice to see if they could insist that riders stop and clear up the offending horse droppings. Perhaps those householders should move to South Carolina where it seems nappy wearing horses are the norm

In December 1975 the city council of Charleston in South Carolina, USA ordered that all horses had to wear nappies when in public

This came about following increasing complaints about horse droppings on the city streets

Surprisingly, several of the carriage men agreed to abide by this new law and their horses were paraded wearing nappies made of canvas although others , particularly the drivers taking carriage loads of tourists , claimed that the strange sight of horses wearing nappies would drive away customers

The first victim of this bizzare law was convicted of ‘riding or driving a naked horse’ and was fined the maximum of a hundred dollars. Persistent offenders faced possible imprisonment of 30 days

Apparently, there are now quite a few companies making equine nappies…………!

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An Update On Nappy Wearing Horses

Equine sanitary devices, also known as ‘horse nappies’, and licences may become mandatory for horse and trap owners on the Aran Islands under proposals by Galway County Council

The rules would apply to the entire county, but would have specific impact on Inis Mór, where several recent accidents involving horse-drawn traps influenced the decision to regulate

Horse-drawn hearses and traps used by members of the Travelling community in areas such as Tuam and Ballinasloe, Co Galway, may also be subject to the new bylaws

Galway County Council’s strategic policy committee on roads and transport has proposed that horse and trap operators will have to be licensed, will have to pay a €50 registration fee and will have to produce a tax clearance certification for same

Horses will have to wear dung catchers ie Nappies,similar to those initiated in Killarney National Park, Co Kerry, in 2004, when pulling carriages on public roads

There was considerable resistance when the rules were first proposed in Kerry, and four years ago the National Parks and Wildlife Service banned jaunting cars that did not have licences and nappy wearing horses from the national park

The largest of the Aran islands, Inis Mór, has already experienced new regulations in relation to parking since its new harbour was completed

All three islands attract up to 60,000 tourists annually, providing an income for at least 20 ‘jarvies’ or pony and trap operators, mainly on Inis Mór and Inis Oírr

The new rules, if passed by the council, are not expected to come into force until later this year or early next year (July 2013)

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  1. would you ride a horse if it had to wear a nappy whilst on public roads? no, we havn't been on the beer…its the law in South Carolina for the horse drawn carraiges.

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