How To Clean Rusty Stirrups With Vinegar


Horse Care & Vinegar

If your stainless steel bits or stirrup irons have rust on them, soaking them in white vinegar for a couple of days will dissolve the rust

Best to rinse them thoroughly before using

For brass fittings on bridles and other tack, make a paste of white vinegar and salt or baking soda, use a soft cloth to rub into the brass, rinse and buff to a shine

Cider Vinegar is really beneficial to horses as it

1) Helps prevent calcification of the joints reducing the symptoms of arthritis
2) Cleanses the digestive tract
3) Maintains the correct water balance in the horse helping to prevent de-hydration
4) Eases joint & muscle pain
5) Disinfects skin wounds
6) Relieves mild itching
7) Used as a wash will improve the coat and help to repel flies

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