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Suggestions | Tips & Advice To Help Keep The Flies Away from You & Your Horse

Home Made Recipes – Generally, Combine & Put Into A Spray Bottle And Top Up With Water Or Cold Tea

Shake Well Before Spraying And Frequently During Spraying To Keep The Oils Mixed

Recipe 1

1.5 Litres Of Cold Stewed Tea
10ml Of Citronella
500ml Of Malt Vinegar

Recipe 2

50/50 Listerine Mouth Wash (The Original) And Water

Recipe 3

3 Caps Of Dettol From A 500 Ml Size Bottle
250ml Avon Skin So Soft And Fresh.
1 Teaspoon Of Either
Citronella Oil
& Eucalyptus Oil
Lavender Oil
& Teatree Oil

These Can All Be Varied With The Addition Of Crushed Garlic, Lemon Juice, Cider Vinegar Or Other Essential Oils As Listed Below, The Nice Smell Of These Oils Do Not Actually Repel Insects They Confuse Them Which Makes Them Move On To Another Victim

Essential Oils That Have Fly Repelling Properties Are:

Eucalyptus Citriodora (Lemon Scented)
Eucalyptus Dives (Peppermint Scented)
Tea Tree
Clove Bud
Cedarwood Atlas And Himalyan

Neem Oil Is Also Very Effective And Can Be Added To Blends, Add 5ml (Teaspoon) To 500ml
Use 100% Pure Oils Particularly With Citronella

Avoid Using Base Oils (Eg; Olive Oil Or Sunflower Oil) As A Carrier As They Make The Coat Sticky And Once The Essential Oils Have Evaporated You Are Left With Vegetable Oil, Which Attracts The Flies And Dirt And Burns Your Horse In The Sun!
Basically You Only Need To Add 5 To 10 Drops Of Essential Oil To A Litre Of Carrier (Ie: Water, Cider Vinegar, Skin So Soft Etc). Water Magnifies Essential Oils So You Use Less Than If Adding To A Cream To Get The Same Affect

Other Remedies That May Help With Flies and Bugs

1. It’s Suggested That Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets Repel Insects. Next Time You Go Riding, Tie One To Your Horse’s Headpiece And Stick One In Your Back Pocket

2. Stable During Early Morning And Late Evening When Many Flies Are At Their Most Active (Dawn & Dusk For Midges)

3. Use Overhead Fans In Stables As Midges Are Too Weak To Fly In Breezes

4. Place Screens Across Stable Windows And Doors To Keep Flies Out

5. For Flies In The Stable, Try Filling A Lidded Jar With This Mixture.

3 Cups Of Water
¼ Cup Sugar
¼ Cup White Vinegar
Mix, Punch Holes In The Lid, And Set It Where Needed

6. Use Insect-Proof Rugs And Sheets And Fly Masks And Hoods

7. Avoid Standing Water In Old Troughs, Butts, Buckets Etc – This Is Where Flies, Mosquitoes And Midges Breed

8. Keep Stable And The Yard Clean And Ensure The Manure Heap And Any Rotting Vegetation Is Cleared Regularly. If Possible Keep Your Muck Heap Covered In Black Plastic – This Helps Keep The Flies Off And The Heat Generated Beneath The Plastic Will Kill Any Fly Eggs And Larvae That Are Developing There

9. Use Insect Repellents, Homemade Or Bought – Commercially Produced Permethrin-Based Ones Apparently Achieve The Best Results And The Best In Our Humble Opinion Is Coopers Fly Repellent Plus

Buy It Here for just 20.59p with FREE delivery – Intervet Coopers Fly Repellent Plus

10. Try Feed Supplements Containing Antioxidants And Garlic. There Is Plenty Of Anecdotal Support For The Benefits, Although Little Scientific Evidence

11. Avoid Wet Or Boggy Fields. If Possible Move Your Horse To A More Exposed, Windy Site, Top Of A Hillside Or Near A Coastal Breeze

12. Horseflies Are Most Active On Sunny Days And Found In Highest Density Near Or In Woodland. On Warmer Days, Avoid Hacks In Or Near Woods And Stabling During The Afternoon May Help. Horseflies Are Attracted By The Secretions From Your Horse’s Eyes So Clean Them Regularly

13. The Bot Fly Is Best Controlled By Worming Your Horse With An Avermectin-Based Wormer After The First Frost Of Autumn – The Frost Will Kill The Adult Flies (And No More Eggs Will Be Laid That Year) So The Only Bots Surviving Will Be Those Attached To The Wall Of Your Horse’s Stomach. These Can Be Removed By Worming

14. Culicoides Flies, Which Cause Sweet Itch, Breed Around Ponds And Marshes, But Do Not Fly More Than A Few Hundred Metres From Their Breeding Areas. Moving Horses Farther Than Half A Mile From Such Areas Should Dramatically Reduce Fly Exposure. Commercial Insecticides Containing Pyrethrins Or Pyrethroids Are Considered The Best

15. Where Practical, Keep Horses Together When Grazing, They Can Help Each Other To Swish Insects Off, Just As Nature Intended

Some Other Brands Of Repellents That Have Been Recommended To Us

Aeroguard (Australian)
Barrier Health Care Superplus
Butox Swish
Coopers Insecticide – Also Repels Ticks
Farnam Tri-Tec 14 (Usa)
Marigold Spray – Tailgator
Repelx (Australian)
Switch – For Sweet Itch


We Have Not Tested Any Of The Fly Spray Recipes, Suggestions Or Tips And Strongly Recommend That You Do A Small Patch Test On Your Horse With Any Home-Made Or Bought Insect Repellent. Readers Use These Recipes At Their Own Risk. We Cannot Be Held Responsible For Any Allergic Reaction That Result From Using These Recipes. If In Doubt, Seek Professional Medical Advice

If You Have Tips & Suggestions To Help Keep The Flies Away From You & Your Horse Please Comment below

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  1. good question 🙂 in the food, just a teaspoon or two mixed in…let us know if it helps

  2. Put the marmite where? In food? Or in a spray mixed with water?? 😀

  3. that is such a great idea….thanks for sharing, it would be good to hear from anyone else who has tried this…anything natural that helps with biting insects on horses is always a good thing..

  4. I have always used marmite. I use the squeezy one simply for ease of use. and put in a ‘blob’ about the size of a teaspoon… I had an ISH that was particularly plagued by flies, as was another horse in the field… they litereally had their faces covered in them… an old irish tinker told me about marmite in a pub one day & I got to the point where I had nothing to lose but try it (had tried just about everything else)… within a week the difference was unbelievable… going from his face being covered to three or four flies on him…. use it all the time now (in summer!).. couldn’t recommend enough! and personally I hate the stuff… 🙂

  5. apparently marmite helps! its is good stuff 🙂

  6. apparently marmite helps! its is good stuff 🙂

  7. Trying out pure neem oil at the moment and quite impressed!

  8. all suggestions and ideas really welcomed

  9. a couple of ideas via this link that might help with the dreaded flies, midges and other horrible biting things that torment our horses and ponies..

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