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  1. Looking for a relativly cheap fly mask that will attach to bridle, like the equilibrium riding mask, also after nose nets.

    please respond if you think you may have something.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I have Bernard Wetherill jackets for sale in various sizes. From 30 ins. Also waistcoats
    Side saddle habits
    Showing shirts by Burberry in deep cream sizes 28 ins to 36 ins
    Dressage tail coat by nears and co
    White dressage breeches sizes 22 and 24
    Yellow show breeches. Harry Hall 24 r
    All have been stored safely and in excellent condition
    Please message me if interested
    I live in Gloucestershire. Might be worth a visit ?

  3. Looking for a sweet itch rug and hood for a 13;3 sec d that takes a 5:6″ in rugs, broad neck and quite a big head , thanks

  4. Hiya Lucy
    next horse sale at Carmarthen is Feb 8th, always on the 2nd Saturday….you dont need to pay for everything but a 10% deposit via paypal will secure your items for you, we have your email address via the comments so will email you shortly, bfn admin at SecondHand Horse Stuff

  5. are you going to carmarthen horse sales soon? i would like to pick some stuff up from there that you have in the shop, haynets , a girth, feed scoops etc..can you let me know the date and if you want me to pay first? thank you from lucy

  6. We remember Sarah….good that they are still getting used but as we are fond of saying, good quality second hand horse rugs are far better value than new cheap horse rugs…we have emailed you regarding your request
    All The Best
    Folks at Second Hand Horse Stuff

  7. I bought 2 second hand horse rugs from you at a show in Cardigan about 3 years ago and they are still going strong, wonder if you have any more in the big sizes, I need another in 7’3,thanks from sarah

  8. Would just like to say how pleased we are with our recent purchases, thank you for combining the postage and for sending it so quickly….very happy to recommend your website to our horsey friends too…bye

  9. thanks for letting us know Sophie…hope to deal with you again…kind regards
    The folks at 2nd hand horse stuff

  10. jods fit! thanks

  11. That’s great news, thank you for the feedback, we do like happy customers

    From The Folks at Second Hand Horse Stuff

  12. we had the jacket today and its a perfect fit, one happy 10 year old and thanks for such a bargain

  13. I received the locata park this morning and its already on the saddle, such a good idea and ta for posting it so quickly

  14. I need a 5’0 turnout rug cheap as possible as my pony was rescued and of course has no wardrobe only 1 rug which is quite tatty now and a head collar and lead rope, he is a 2yo boy and I need something really cheap I know I’m asking for a lot but hopefully there’s someone who can help me xx

  15. Hi, I have been looking for a saddle for a good few months now, and have found it buth difficult and time consuming trailing through numerous websites trying to find the right saddle, so I have recently started a Facebook page called Simply Saddles where you can advertise any saddles or saddle accessories (saddle cloths, stirrups, girths etc), and also get valuable advice about saddle fitting or anything saddle related!
    I hope to get a large number of new or second hand saddles and/or accessories all in one place. Thus making it easier to find what you are looking for. I am currently in contact with a large saddlery company who are looking to advertise their 50+ saddles they have for sale on their website, on Simply Saddles. I genuinely want this page to succeed and hope that this page sounds interesting to you.

    Please feel free to post any items you may have for sale. In exchange for ‘likes’ I can advertise your website in my page information.
    I am also running a competition to win a Likit bar. When I get to 100 likes, a winner will be randomly selected from that group.

    Thank You for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply.

  16. hiya Kirsty, yes we sell saddles, you can sell it in our shop (15% taken in commission) or if you are local to us in West Wales we can put it on our trade stand…let us see a picture, price and your location please :)

  17. hi
    are you selling saddles as i need to get rid of mine asap so i can get a better fitted one their are a couple of scruffs which happens anyway but part from that its in very good condition.

  18. we will shortly be taking in other items to sell in our shop, currently only items over £100, job lots also accepted,all we need are a couple of good photos and as much info as poss, we will post the item in our shop, actively promote it here on Facebook and our website and take the payment, the seller just needs to post the item off when sold, when the buyer has received the goods and is happy, then we will pay the seller less 15% commission for our efforts, NO SALE NO FEES :0.

  19. come and see us at Carmarthen horse sales – 2nd Saturday of every month- where we also have a collection point for our horse rug wash and repair service.

    You will find us at the back by the loading bays.

    (If you want to see a specific website item at Carmarthen horse sales, please let us know beforehand.

  20. do you decide the value of the items i have saddles bridles and rugs in extremely good condition and i'm in two minds about selling them because of this also i want a good price!

  21. Claire , its down to the seller to set the price, although we will advise accordingly if we believe the price is way too high and will prevent a sale, at the moment it's only items over £50 in value that we can take although job lots can be combined into one listing to get round this…hope this helps, let us know if not :)

    PS price it right and you get 85% of a sale, too high and you get 100% of nothing :)

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