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How To Choose a Welsh Horse Name

We are lucky enough to live and work in Wales surrounded by thousands of beautiful horses and ponies, some with Welsh names, others with part Welsh names and lots with non Welsh names

Wales is the home of the wonderful Welsh breeds of horses and ponies famous throughout the world for their looks, temperament and overall versatility but we believe that any breed of horse can have a Welsh name regardless of where in the world they live and that is the inspiration for this article

We chose not to provide an endless list of names but instead we hope to inspire you to find one yourself with a little help from us and our friends on facebook who kindly provided some sample Welsh names of their horses and ponies

In Welsh the noun comes first followed by the adjective,which is why some folks describe it as being ‘back to front’. An example of this would be TYWYSOG DU which means BLACK PRINCE, tywysog is prince and black is du

Here Are Some Welsh Words Which Can Form Part Of A Name For Your Horse

Awyr – Sky
Ap – Son Of
Arwr – Hero
Asyn – Donkey
Awel Haf – Summer Breeze
Barcud – Kite
Brenin – King
Brithwe – Tartan
Bryn – Hill
Cadno – Fox
Cae Or Maes – Field
Calonnog – Spirited
Cariad – Loved One
Ceinder – Beauty
Ceffyl – Horse
Cenedl – Nation
Clogwyn – Cliff
Coed – Wood
Coron – Crown
Cymro – Welshman
Del – Pretty
Deryn – Bird
Dewr – Hero
Dyfodol – Future
Glân – Handsome
Glew – Brave
Golau Leuad – Moonlight
Gwalia – Victorian Name For Wales
Hapus – Happy
Heulwen – Sunshine
Iau – Jupiter
Lleuad – Moon
Marchog – Equestrian
Melfed – Velvet
Mynydd – Mountain
Nant – Brook
Seren – Star
Sidan – Silk
Tan – Fire
Tirion – Kind & Gentle

Some Names Of Flowers & Plants In Welsh

Alaw – Lily
Blodyn – Flower
Blodyn Haul – Sunflower
Briallen – Primrose
Bwtsiasen Y Gog – Bluebell
Call – Sage
Cigliw – Carnation
Dant Y Llew – Dandelion
Gellyysgen – Iris
Gwyddfid – Honeysuckle
Lili Wen Fach – Snowdrop
Llygad Y Dydd – Daisy
Mefusen – Strawberry
Moron – Carrot
Mulga – Mulberry Tree
Mwsogl – Moss
Mynawyd Y Bugail – Geranium
Pabi – Poppy
Pysen Bêr – Sweetpea
Rhosyn – Rose
Saffrwn – Crocus
Tegeirian – Orchid
Teim – Thyme

The Colours In Welsh May Help Find Your Horse a Name

Arian – Silver
Aur – Gold
Berl – Pearl
Brown – Brown
Coch – Red
Diemwnt – Diamond
Du – Black
Glas – Blue
Gwyn – White
Gwyrdd – Green
Llwyd – Grey
Melyn – Yellow
Oren – Orange
Pinc – Pink
Porffor – Purple
Rhuddem – Ruby

The Months, Days Of The Week and The Seasons May Help Find Your Horse a Welsh Name

Ionawr – January
Chwefror – February
Mawrth – March
Ebrill – April
Mai – May
Mehefin – June
Gorffennaf – July
Awst – August
Medi – September
Hydref – October
Tachwedd – November
Rhagfyr – December

Dydd Llun – Monday
Dydd Mawrth – Tuesday
Dydd Mercher – Wednesday
Dydd Iau – Thursday
Dydd Gwener – Friday
Dydd Sadwrn – Saturday
Dydd Sul – Sunday

Gwanwyn- Spring
Haf- Summer
Hydref- Autumn
Gaeaf- Winter

Some Of Our Favourite Welsh Words For Naming a Horse

Blin – Troublesome
Boda – Buzzard
Cryf – Strong
Dieflig – Satanic
Di-Hid – Easy Going
Dôl – Meadow
Galaeth – Galaxy
Golau – Melyn
Hy – Adventurous
Maen Iasbis – Jasper
Melys – Sweet
Merlen – Pony
Swynol – Charming

Horses being led through the streets of Cardigan on the annual stallion parade called 'barley saturday'

Stallion Parade Of Welsh Horses Held In Cardigan, West Wales Every April

Aderyn Ddu – Blackbird
Aurwen – White Gold
Brawd Du – Black Friar
Briallen Terfynol – Last Primrose
Grugeira Olwen – White Heather With The Name ‘Olwen’
Ffrondraig Tywysoges Fach – Ffrondraig (place name) Little Princess
Maeseithin Cai – Meadow Of Gorse
Rhyddhad – Freedom
Sanws Tan Goch Morgan – Morgans Red Fire
Seren Y Mai – May Star
Twm Sion Cati – The Welsh Robin Hood
Tywysog Y Mynydd – Prince Of The Mountain
Ysbryd Y Nos – Spirit Of The Night

Often,a place name is used with adjectives relating to a particular horse or pony, so the same place name may crop up in the names of several horses, as seen in this list

Awmor Caradog
Brigyll Arianell
Callyn Gwenllian Haff Carie
Ceinewyddfach Dewines
Ceinewyddfach Seren Aur

Ciffig Shon
Coed Cariad Brenin
Cwmgarw Tywysog Y Mynydd
Cynon Marchog
Dilwyn Boi Bach
Dolaumaen Heledd
Dolaumaen Mai

Domen Cymro
Eifed Hedydd
Forion Elin
Genal Menna
Glantraeth Bonheddwr Ddu
Grugeira Gwendolyn
Grugeira Marc
Grugeira Olwen

Gweunydd Ceidiog
Hirfynydd Seren Fach
Llangrannog Johnie Bach
Llety Llwyd Seren
Lletyllwyd Seen Haf
Lodor Elin Mai
Lynbrie Dafydd George
Menda Morgan Dafydd Ddu
Moelgarned Hebog
Owain Gethyn Gwyn
Penmaendewi Taliesin
Sian Brynawelon
Talebolion Hefin
Tirgors Cymro Coch
Ty Golau Llygoden Fach
Tygelli Rhodri
Waundeg Eryr Coch
Ysbyty Llewelyn Bach

Another Option Is To Use a Part Welsh Name For Your Horse, As These Owners Have Done

Brynarth Pure Adrenaline
Dolaullwydon Diamond
Gloddestra Lucifer
Telynau Bordeaux
Troedgwynau Calzaghe
Tyne Y Cae Rival

There are specific rules that relate to the naming and registration of horses and ponies with the The Welsh Pony & Cob Society which you can see here

Which ever name you choose for your horse, Welsh or not we hope to hear from you so let us know what name you chose and why, use the comments box below for any of your thoughts or suggestions

If you are the proud owner, rider or breeder of any Welsh Pony or Cob and would like to show them off, then please upload their Photo with a brief description into our Welsh Horse Breeds Showcase

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