Horses In Road Traffic Accidents | Let Us Ride On The Welsh Coastal Path


Road Traffic Accidents Involving Horses | Why We Need Horse Riding Access On The Welsh Coastal Path

Scroll down to read reports on recent road accidents involving horses

We recently completed a long walk around Wales, the purpose of this walk was to determine how easy or difficult it would be to ride a horse along the same route. The 1047 mile walk was along the new All Wales Coastal Path and Offas Dyke

Offas Dyke is a long established trail running from Prestatyn in North Wales to Sedbury Cliffs Near Chepsow in South Wales and the Welsh coastal path runs from Chester in North Wales to Chepstow or vice versa

The main difference between the two paths is that 35% of Offas Dyke is available for horse riding and cycling, both activities need this safe off road option

In comparison the Welsh coastal path has almost no official horse riding access, less than 7 miles out of a total of 870 miles. Yes, the path is still a work in progress but hundreds of miles (unable to be more specific) have been allocated for cycling, this is a huge disparity, particularly as there are similar numbers of people participating in horse riding and cycling in the Uk

A lot of the path is suitable and safe for horse riding , the problem is that access has been restricted by the use of kissing gates and stiles, these have also caused problems for other users. It is difficult to negotiate a stile with a large or heavy dog, wheelchair users cannot gain access and anyone with a pushchair or pram cannot get through

For years The British Horse Society has been campaigning for better off road riding in the Uk, the purpose of this article is to highlight that need so every time we hear of another road traffic incident involving horses we will feature it. If you could also let us know of incidents that you feel should be mentioned, then please do get in touch via the comments box below

If you agree that horse riding access on the Welsh Coastal path should be improved please sign the Petition

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Horses in Road Traffic Accidents

A Woman & Two Horses Die In A Road Collision Jan 2014

A woman has died and another has been seriously injured after a vehicle collided with them while they were leading their horses along a country lane

The accident happened on a B-road in Dumfriesshire, Scotland on the evening of 16 January 2014
Christina Kelly, 58, was killed as a result of the crash, while a 29-year-old woman, who also lives locally , is being treated in Dumfries Infirmary where her condition is described as serious but stable

The collision, which involved a blue Isuzu pick-up truck, happened on the B725 between the villages of Clarencefield and Bankend at about 5.10pm

Both horses were killed

The road was closed for almost 7hrs for accident investigation work
Police Scotland is appealing for anyone with information to call them on 101

Horse In Hit & Run Incident With B&Q Lorry | 16 March 2013

A racehorse stabled with Lincolnshire based National Hunt trainer Chris Bealby has suffered serious injuries as a result of a hit and run incident near his yard in Grantham

The gelding, an 11-year-old called Bennynthejets, was at the head of the string of five making its way to a nearby gallops last Saturday (16 March), when a lorry belonging to the DIY chain B&Q tried to overtake them

The trainer, who was bringing up the rear of the string, told the press

“It was a very narrow lane and there simply wasn’t enough room for vehicle of that size to pass safely. The lorry struck into the lead horse, dragging him behind it briefly. The driver just drove off.”

“He often acts as lead horse because he is so good in traffic, but he had no chance. Our vet has done a brilliant job patching him up, but we are not sure yet whether he will race again,” said Mr Bealby

Bennynthejets, a five times winner under rules who was due to be campaigned in point-to-points this spring, sustained deep tissue injuries to his hindquarters

Details of the incident and the driver’s actions were publicised on Twitter and apparently the driver handed himself in to local police the next day

B&Q has confirmed that it is investigating the matter

another horse involved in a raod traffic accident B&Q Lorry Involved in a hit & run incident with a racehorse in training

What Chance Would A Horse Have In An Accident With A Lorry?

Horse Hit By a Tesco Delivery Van | Friday 15 February 2013

A horse was put down in a village street after its back legs were broken when it was hit by a Tesco delivery van

The animal – believed to be based at the Warwickshire Hunt Kennels in Little Kineton, was one of a party of horses being exercised through Kineton’s Bridge Street last Tuesday morning at around 10.30am

Master of the Warwickshire Hunt, Sam Butler, said:

“It caused a great deal of distress and it is very lucky no one was injured

A horse belonging to the hunt was being exercised in the usual way. Three were being ridden and each one was leading another

Unfortunately one was hit by a vehicle resulting in a leg being broken. You can’t mend a broken leg in a horse and it had to be humanely destroyed”

Another Incident Involving Horses In Road Traffic Accident Depicts The Hunt Out & Having To Use The Roads

Horse & Rider | The Most Vulnerable Of Road Users

Mr Butler said the rider of the injured horse had not been injured although all three grooms were extremely shocked and distressed

The owner of a shop nearby said the first she knew about the incident was when a customer came in and remarked that police were washing blood from the road surface at the bottom of Bridge Street.

“I was told it had been hit from behind by a Tesco delivery van,” she said

“Apparently the girl riding it was unhurt but was absolutely gutted. It was all dealt with very quickly. It is awful. The hunt horses tend to go out in a group and sometimes one is ridden and a second is led”

Saturday December 8th 2012 | Another Tragic Road Traffic Accident Involving Horses

Two horses were put down and their riders taken to hospital after being hit by a suspected drink driver in Berkshire. Thames Valley Police were called to the incident on the A330 near Winkfield on Saturday at 2.50pm

Three horses and their riders were hit by a black Audi A4. Two of the riders were taken to Frimley Park Hospital, reportedly with fractures and facial injuries

Two of the horses were so badly injured they had to be put down at the scene by a vet

“The driver aged 41 from the Winkfield area was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and driving without due care and attention,”

said a spokesman for Thames Valley Police

Apparently Hit By A Drunk Driver | Two Horses With Riders

Our Roads Are Becoming Just Too Dangerous For Horses

Saturday December 1st 2012 | Road Accident Involving A Horse Driven CarriageThis Time In Scotland

BBC News 2 Dec 2012
Four people have been hurt in a crash between a car and a horse-drawn carriage carrying a wedding party

It happened on the A710 close to the Mabie House Hotel, in Dumfries and Galloway, at 14:10 GMT on Saturday

The driver of the carriage, Simon Millar, suffered serious injuries. His daughter Hannah, 18, was released from hospital after treatment

Road Traffic Accident With Horse & Carriage

Horse & Carriage Versus Car = Disaster

The carriage was also carrying bride Donna Pennycuik, 29, and her father 45-year-old father Lawrence

They both suffered minor injuries and were able to return to the wedding after being treated at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary

Mr Millar, 45, was said to be in a serious but stable condition in the hospital

A vet attended the scene and treated the horses for minor injuries

A spokesman for Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary said:

“We believe the wedding went ahead, but the police inquiry is focusing on the crash.”

A road closure was in place while police investigations were carried out

Police appealed for anyone who saw the carriage or a blue/grey Honda CRV travelling between Dumfries and the Mabie Forest turn off prior to the crash

Too Many Horses Are Injured and Killed In Road Traffic Accidents | Welsh Horse Rider Or Not Please Consider Signing and Sharing The Petition

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  1. helo karen, that is such a tragic story, how awful, there does seem to be an increase in selfish motorists who seem incapable of sharing the roads safely, thank you for your comment, all the best

  2. my pony was killed on the road about 14 years ago and i never got over it and the roads were alot quieter then. it was on a straight peace of road a nice light day good conditions i was passing a sailing boat in a layby my pony was calm but kept abit of room between the boat didnt even go over the white line on the road and this mini bus driver with a full bus of kids on the bus decided to over take my pony and didnt slow down that much and hit my ponys back leg and it was hanging he was in shock just standing there all i could do is cry. he had to be put to sleep . roads are really bad no one cares and they dont slow down enough there need to be of road riding so people can enjoy there horses.

  3. I wish people were so much more carefull when driving,i own a horse and i don’t ride on the roads,im very lucky to have miles of paths in a forest that are only for horses and riders

  4. we see riders every week passing my home on llanelli cycle path its reasuring to knw that they r safe

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